Sunday, October 22, 2006

Good Laughs and Good Byes

I think we are all getting a bit punchy and silly. Tom is quite funny in making random generalizations about China. A truckload of pigs being transported to Shanghai on the highway prompted this comment, "Pigs in China are much bigger than the US." This led to a deep discussion between Ma and Tom about whether they were big pigs or medium sized pigs, and what size the pigs really are in the US, and whether this comment he made was true! Our laughing has brought stares from the locals. At breakfast this morning, we had a good laugh over husbands and wives, who really is boss, and pretty funny pet peeves.

I think we are all ready to leave China-we've had our fill of food, gotten enough bargains, and are
looking forward to go back to quiet streets and wide open spaces. I am treasuring the time we have spent with good friends and realizing that it is hard to find good friends where you can say just about anything to eachother, can sit and laugh about virtually nothing, and have common interests and tastes that you can spend days and weeks together. I will be sorry to say good bye.


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