Wednesday, January 10, 2007

5 pound New Year's Resolution

Isn't it funny how the new year beckons us to reform ourselves, as if the promise of new beginnings will cause us to turn over a new leaf. My 5 year old annual resolution-to lose those darn 5-10 pounds, now becoming a fixture on my body. I am not alone, it seems, seeing as how crowded the gym has been this week. I hear that 24hr fitness wrote high numbers of memberships, so much so that people are becoming aggressive over the limited number of mats, weights and balls. 5 pounds is substantial. After all, dragging around a 5 pound bag of sugar all day is no small feat. Climbing M. Peak dragging 2 bags of sugar could be quite exhausting! I picture myself, 10 pounds lighter, floating through my day.

Problem is that I have sabotaged my own weight loss. Had I never exercised, I could easily lose 5 pounds by going to the gym or jogging a few times a week. I have created my own demise by exercising 6 days a week. No weight loss will occur unless I run faster, spend more time exercising, or adding more weights. This like many other things, has only a negative future outcome because the more I do, the more I will have to do next year. By the time I am 80, I will have to spend a good part of my day working out-how is that motivating?

I have discovered lately, that running with Heidi creates drag-18 pounds to be exact. This seems to be the reason why I have a hard time doing a full 3 miles with her behind me. In theory, if I pull her along from now on at a rapid pace, the extra resistance should expend more calories. If I tie her leash to my waist, swing dumbells in my hands, and drag her at a fast pace, I can reap the benefit of increased weight, greater resistance and increased speed all at the same time! This could be quite an efficient work out.


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