Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Today we awoke to rain. We spent some time at the Visitors center talking to the ranger who was originally from Los Altos Hills! We drove around the rim of the crater, and then met a group at the parking lot to hear his ranger talk which led us on a walk into an old lava tube. It was very much like a cave tunnel, damp and very dark. We spent the rest of the day driving the rim and looking at craters. We walked down onto the crater floor, which was immense and quite a thrill, seeing the many steam vents giving off plumes of steam. Ended the day with pizza at a local restaurant. This B&B was in the middle of a rain forest and very secluded. I am amazed that the places are all so new, large and very nice. Hawaii is truly laid back-even the dogs are laid back-sleeping in the middle of the roads with not a care in the world.


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