Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fresh Fish

What a very pleasant morning it was, fresh baked nut bread and a view of the lush forest. We left the town of Volcano, made a stop at the orchid nursery, sending several plants back to CA. We headed toward Hilo and spent some time in the town, stopping for a quick meal of fresh ahi tuna at a local hang-out. Fresh fish is definitely the meal of choice here, and so inexpensive! Following the coastal highway, we stopped at several places to see waterfalls and the coast line, and for a Hawaiian smoothie made from fresh bananas, papaya, guava and juices. We ended at the lookout to the Wai’po Valley, too late to hike down but with plans to do so in the morning. Another wonderful B&B cottage-spacious and clean in the town of Waimea where we stopped at the local grocery store for fresh ahi tuna and cooked it ourselves in the kitchen. This place is high up on the hill and the wind is gusting outside. Is the entire island windy all of the time??
The observatory at Maunea Kea beckons-are we brave enough to drive the narrow road up there to see the heavens?


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