Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gorges and Rivers

Ray spends the day on the Sava Bohinjka with a guide who he says looks like a young Mick Jagger and is a fan of KnIght Rider. He asks if all Americans are like the people on the Jerry Springer show! Ray falls in the water early in the day and the loaner waders act like a sieve, soaking his clothes. But, yes! He has a great time, catching 10 fish that are 12-18 inches in size.

Jen and I first visit the Bee Museum in Radovlica, a town perched above the Sava River. Beekeeping is part of the cultural heritage of this area and we are totally amazed at the sophistication of these insects. Did you know they have different dances that tell the other bees exactly where they have found nectar? The Slovenians decorated beehive fronts with drawings so their bees would be able to find their hives. We saw one folk tale drawing depicting older women going into a house and coming out as young women! We later discover that Jen's friend in school is from this tiny village.

From there we drive into Bled, pick up fresh bread, meat, and cheese and head up to Vintgar Gorge. The river Radovna has carved a mile long beautiful gorge. The water is so clear, it is light turquoise in color and the churning river creates waterfalls and foaming waves. It is a photographer's paradise and I take way too many photos. Next, we follow our trusty GPS down winding narrow roads to town and over to the castle. Hiking up the steep trail, we are rewarded with a gorgeous view of the calm lake below and its island. We can see marker lanes for the rowing world championship coming up next week. As we are leaving, we see a few guys dressed in medieval costumes - performing perhaps?

Our day ends at the pub where we indulge in delicious vegetable soup and grilled meats. We find Ray back at the hotel, sunburned but happy, with lots of fish stories and wet clothes.


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