Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A View of Lanin Volcano

Lanin volcano is a majestic sight from the picture window of the dining room at Spring Creek Lodge.  Although Lanin is not active, it is a reminder of the strong forces of nature and the other volcanos in nearby Chile that continue to erupt each year.  Can something so innocent looking spew forth so much ash as to create area wide devastation?

This morning's photography is satisfying as the early rays of sun cast orange beams on the mountains and clouds of mist erupt from the ponds.  Tall thistles, some still bright purple stand tall among others that have withered with the autumn temperatures.  Frost sits on the boards of the footbridges and I hear the sounds of an unfamiliar bird call.  The dog with no name scampers behind me wanting to be petted.  After hours in the chilly air, I am more than ready for the scrambled eggs and hot coffee that await me.  Ray is fishing today with a guide and I have the day to myself which I will fill by reading, photography and walking among the ponds and paths of the property. Their 2 black dogs are friendly and protective, following me as I walk, and waiting for me when I stop.  Batman and Humpy are their names. They are well behaved except for their barking at night. The third little brown wire haired terrier apparently appeared 3 days ago.  He is the one with no name but seems quite happy to have found this new home. Dogs in Argentina are free to roam, and maybe because they are given the freedom to roam, they are better behaved.  I haven't seen any on leash except the dog walkers in Buenos Aires.  They all seem to know to stay out of the street and mind their own business.  Matter of fact, all the animals roam free, the horses, guanacos, etc.

Dinner tonight at the lodge is is grilled pork, onion bisque and tiramisu. Ray is happy as he caught over 20 trout and had a good day on the river. Tomorrow we head back to Bariloche.


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