Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Today is for launching into new adventures. I'm just learning this new mode of communicating and can't believe I am putting my life out for everyone to read. Creating a blog took a bit of decision making - my name for one- how do I want myself to be viewed, and what will attract readers to my site. How about the title of my blog? This was as hard as naming a book you are about to write. Don't they always say that the title should come last? Then the address-well, do I want my name on it, or is that too personal? But do I want to remain anonymous? But then, I want my friends to find it easily and remember it.

Tomorrow we leave for China. Funny how people at work react to such distant travel. I was told to use Purel alot and wash my hands often! Have a good time, but be careful! Don't bring back any foreign germs! My goodness, you would think I was going to the moon. I suppose we are a bit matter of fact about traveling to China; it feels as commonplace as driving to Yosemite and maybe simpler because I don't have to load up the car and plan all the food I have to take for backpacking!

Look for further news in the coming week.....


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