Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Unwritten Blog

I have neglected this blog for nearly 4 months. That isn't to say I haven't had adventures, experiences, or thoughts to share.
For some reason, the longer I leave the page blank, the harder it is to begin again - there is so much to say, where do I even begin? The present-it's fall and the air smells like eucalyptus and halloween. Remember walking around the block trick or treating? It smelled like eucalyptus. I see pumpkins on people's front yards and Christmas cards at Costco. Do you feel like someone is rushing you through life? My little nephew is an articulate 6 year old. When did he become so mature and wise?
We celebrate many birthdays and eat way too many moon cakes-it is hard to stay slim. I colored my hair for the first time and it made me feel like my mom. It is September and my kids aren't starting a new school year.

The recent-CAR's Aquathon is over and I feel a sense of great accomplishment and huge success. I also feel a sense of relief tht it is over for another year. More on that later.

The summer-wow, I don't think we have ever had a summer where we hiked so much and scaled so many peaks. We did 4 backpacking trips, one as a couple and 3 with various combinations of young adult children. I don't think I have ever been in such good shape; never been able to hike a steady incline for hours without huffing and puffing. We've seen the backcountry of Desolation Wilderness and Yosemite, away from any hint of other humans, and seen alpine sights that took my breath away.

Even better, we were able to share those with Robert and Julia, Jen and Ravi. i consider myself quite blessed to be able to spend weekends in the wilderness with them. Getting to know them as adults had been one of my greatest joys this summer. When did they become so articulate, confident and wise? So sensitive, caring and loving individuals. We spent hours trudging up dusty trails single file, not speaking, just watching the dust billow up from the pairs of feet in front of us, lost in our own thoughts. Hours in deep conversations sharing childhood memories, feelings and worries. Sitting on rocks eating tortellini or freahly caught trout, instant oatmeal, or pancakes that ressemble mush because we forgot to bring oil. Looking at shooting stars, purple sunsets, or glowing full moons. We skipped down trails dodging rocks and trying to save our knees, and relished in drippy hamburgers on the way home. I look at leftover bags of my homemade trail mix and I remember us unloading our shoulders of our packs, and each picking out the pieces that were our favorites-raisins, m&m's, nuts. I can see the beautiful clear lake as if it was this morning, watching the thin ribbon of filtered water flow into my water pack as I pumped. The bear canister sits on the floor-so many times we stuffed and stuffed the last envelope of oatmeal into it-Julia was a pro at that. leave it to Robert to bring exotic food that tasted especially good after a full day's hike-rum cake, sausages, cheese. And Jen, well, her spirit brightens the day and there can't be a more amenable soul than Ravi.
Ray took the prize for the heaviest and biggest pack, but also for the most prepared, whether it be technology or band-aids!
We had no bear adventure to report, just adventures forging rivers, and crashing through forests as we made our own trails.
But now the days are getting shorter. Camping means going to bed before 8pm. The recent rains were supposed to put snow on the mountains. Alas, summer is over.