Sunday, April 13, 2008

Smoking Like Chimneys

We started the morning at our now favorite coffee shop and were now beginning to wonder if lack of running and too many baked goods were going to take their toll on our waistlines. Our first stop was the National History Museum, with artifacts from Greece’s war days. Next, back to the National Arch. Museum to finish our visit there. I spend most of my time in the bronze and sculpture exhibits. Feeling satisfied, we stopped for a quick lunch of Greek pizza and paninis at a Greek fast food chain which was quite good, and made plans to take a long afternoon walk through parts of Athens we had not yet seen. We were ambitious today and decided to head for Lycovittos Hill. There is something about us and hills, isn’t there? It rises up 910 ft. above Athens, a 45 min. climb. From the top, you can see all of Athens and at dusk, the lights coming on from below. There are great shots of the Acropolis and the densely populated city. Unfortunately, Athens is often shrouded in smog and we wondered if it is ever gets sunny here. We climbed down in the dark, and went in search of dinner, a bit wary after our strike outs in previous days. As we walked, we ended up in a trendy part of town, where young professionals were dining at outdoor cafes. We stopped at a restaurant serving food from Crete, and ordered chicken breast and a large salad. Turned out to be a delicious meal with great ambience. The young people around us seemed to be enjoying their evening with friends, smoking, dining and chatting. There didn’t seem to be any escape from cigarette smoke; young teens and young adults puff away nonstop in all public buildings and restaurants.


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