Monday, July 25, 2011


It was a bittersweet departure - leaving Jen to face greater adventures on her own filled me with joy and I knew that she would continue to make leaps and bounds with her command of the Chinese language. The trip had been successful - we had accomplished all we had set to do and had all grown with the experiences. I very much treasured the time I had with Robert and Jen, knowing that these times are few and far between.

I was however, eager to leave the heat and humidity, and greatly anticipated the clean air, clean water, and personal space in California. I left with a greater appreciation for China and all that it had accomplished. It is a country not to be feared, but to be respected and embraced, for the people have so much to offer the world. Our globe has truly been flattened and the distinction among our cultures is merging more and more rapidly than one can imagine.


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