Wednesday, September 09, 2015


We leave home before sunrise marveling at the peaceful and near empty highway. The hustle and bustle at the airport in these wee hours of the morning is reminder that as the city sleeps, the day has already begun for so many. There is a sense of excitement in the air, of the unknown adventures and new places to explore. We fly to Newark then on to Venice as the sun rises over the jagged peaks of the Dolomites and a colorful palette of polygon shaped farm fields. We are greeted by cool breezes, sunny skies and bonjournos; after 12 hours, like the blink of an eye, we walk out into early morning in Venice, this city too coming to life. 
       I am reminded of the simple joys in traveling - successfully figuring out how to use the Italian pay phone to locate the Best Western bus is a small accomplishment, which takes us to the airport hotel just minutes away. We take short naps then decide to explore Venice. Bus 5 is across the street and runs every 15 min to Venice via the causeway for 6 euros round trip, a 4 mi ride which takes a mere 15 min.
     Venice at night is magical. With the crowds thinning, the alleys are quiet, and the sounds of street musicians create a romantic ambience. Gelato, cafes, Venetian masks and the smell of leather purses intermingle with Italian, British and American voices. In the dark canal, I hear the swish of a gondola, lit by a single lantern; the gondolier in a red striped shirt serenades his guests, his beautiful voice echoing through the passageway. This is Italy.


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