Monday, April 21, 2008

800 Steps

Today was a day of relaxation. Ray started with a long run along the wharf; I chose to sleep in then went for a 3 mile walk by the water. The hotel served a breakfast of rolls and Greek yogurt, thicker than American yogurt, and usually eaten with honey. The city had emptied out after the weekend and was quiet. We took a walk to the Palamidi, a huge Venetian citadel built in the 1800’s, and constructed to withstand all artillery. It consists of a wall enclosing 7 forts. Up 800 steps, the view from the top was again spectacular as were the lines and arches of the walls themselves. Purple wildflowers hung off of the craggy walls. At the top, I had a nice conversation with a middle aged man who was a bellman in Cooperstown, NY, the baseball capital of the US, traveling around Europe for the first time, staying in 10E a night hostels and riding around on a railpass. He had never traveled to Europe before this and was enjoying himself so much and realizing how much most Americans miss by not taking the opportunity to travel. Talking to him made me realize how much of Europe we have seen. The weather was warm and somewhat humid, leaving us quite sticky after our walk.

Gelato was next on the agenda; the best gelato in Greece, I believe. I think we should just skip meals and eat gelato instead. My tiramasu and mango combination was the best I have tasted in a long time, and we went back for gelato a second time in the evening. We sat at the wharfside and watched people walk by. Ever notice how many tall men are married to short women?


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