Sunday, March 08, 2009

Friending and Twittering

I joined the social networking revolution last year by opening a Facebook account and thanks to my dear, thoughtful daughter, did not remain friendless. Isn’t it sad to click on a name and read, “Linda has no friends” :( For the past year, I’ve been a bad friend and have not responded to gifts of flowers, ice cream, and other nice gestures. Nor have I reciprocated by writing on people’s walls or telling them what I was doing at some random point in time. I had gotten several messages from Melody, a friend of Jen and had often wondered who this nice person was that was sending me little notes. At Jen’s dance competition last month, Melody’s name was announced on the floor and it was an AHA moment--that is who Melody is! The big break came this weekend when I discovered that my high school graduating class in Illinois has gotten on to Facebook and I have connected with half a dozen classmates that I have neither seen nor heard from in 35 years. One classmate has worked at Stanford for 20 yrs. It is simply the wildest thing to see their photos and read their messages. Comparing their photos to our high school yearbook is a rude awakening that people change a lot between age 17 and 53!

Last night, I took another plunge and set up a Twitter account. Now this is a concept that I cannot grasp. I immediately got a message that Leah F. was following me. Now why in heavens name, would this person Leah want to know what I am doing and why would she want to be bothered by my tweets all day? Who is this Leah person? Does she have her account set up so that she follows any new person that joins? Does it make her feel liked to be tweeted by everyone on Twitter??? Now that the account is opened, I am not sure what to do with it; I guess I will have to wait for my dear thoughtful daughter to set me up with some tweets.


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