Sunday, March 08, 2009

Not a Care in the World

Ah, to be a dog with not a care in the world except whether...
-- you really want to go outside because your paws will get wet
-- your treat is where you left it before you got distracted by the bird flying around the room, and if the bird is going to eat it before you do
-- you can sneak out and grab some toilet paper before someone notices
-- you can hide so mom doesn’t grab you to give you a bath

I have been tuning out the news on TV, ignoring the economic predictions, and shoving stock reports in a drawer without looking at them. Ignorance is truly bliss and by living in denial, I am so much happier! I am so happy not to know that the greedy have taken hard working people’s savings, we will not have enough water this summer, and charitable giving is down by 25%. What I do know is that there is great work being done in the community, Obama is now in office, and I can still fit in to my clothes.

Have you ever analyzed every penny of your expenses for the year? We discovered that we buy too much food--which must mean we eat too much, because we throw very little of it away. This was quite a surprise to us since in the past year, we have made a concerted effort to eat healthfully, filling our plates with lots of veggies. I always knew that fresh food is more expensive than processed, and I wonder how much it would have cost us to eat packaged foods all year. If we spend half as much as we did last year on food, maybe I will weigh half as much! Therefore, in 2009, I am going to try to reduce our food bill by 50% and still eat healthily---stay tuned for the conclusion at the end of 2009.


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