Saturday, May 22, 2010


The Vukman family runs the Pension Vega and it is a 28 room B&B with modern facilities - clean and spacious. When we arrived last night, their youngest son was waiting for us; the parents were at a graduation party for their oldest son, who had graduated top of his class and will be going to the university of Zagreb. His dad, who had been a merchant sailor and had traveled the world, is very very proud. He shows us his framed photos of his visits to the US -the White House and New York city. We have the "penthouse apartment", perhaps the only time we will ever stay in a penthouse suite!

As we are only a 10 minute walk to the city center, I get up early and walk the streets to the Old Town and take pictures of the curved alleys and the harbor. Local people are up and about and shops are opening. I seem to attract a lot of curious looks as I take photos of the many old shutters. People probably think it odd that these worn out shutters are getting so much attention. Furthermore, I don't think they see many Asians - must be mostly Japanese tour groups, as we are greeted by "Konichiwa" everywhere we go. Today, we relax and kick back, reading, chatting and just roaming the streets - eating gelato and pretending we are Japanese. Later in the day, we wander in to the local market, bargain for jars of truffles which are found in this area, and sit by the harbor, enjoying the view. Toward evening, we wander down and find ourselves some dinner and gelato.