Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Holiday

For one week, I am free of all job responsibilities, a break between jobs. Where to go in the middle of January? Yellowstone...Death Valley...New Orleans...? We didn't want somewhere too cold and we had eaten way too much over the holidays to go somewhere known for its cuisine, thus we finally settled on Utah. The Arches and the Canyonlands had been on the "to see" list for a while but timing had never worked out. With only a week to travel, driving was impractical so we decided to use frequent flyer miles and fly to Grand Junction, CO. From there, we could drive to the Arches, which was only 2 hours away.

Here we are, dropping off Jen at Continental for her return to school, and us, over to United for our little adventure. We arrive in Denver, change to a United Express small plane and fly to Grand Junction. The small airport reminds me of Champaign Urbana and our rental car at Hertz is right outside the door. It is already dark and we make the 2 hour drive to Moab, the main town of the Arches National Park. We speculate at what the scenery is like as we drive the deserted highway.

Not much is open and we find a local bar Eddie McStiff's for a quick dinner right before their kitchen closes. It's food that fills the stomach but not a culinary delight. We check in to the Ramada Inn and call it a night.


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