Saturday, March 09, 2013

Hertz, are you for real?.

We are excited to be continuing our journey to the Lake District.  It is a 30 min. ride to the AEP airport near the city center, costing 50 pesos. As we stand in line at the BA airport, we see people with their luggage wrapped in green plastic wrap.  Thinking there might be a theft problem, we decide to do the same, despite our misgivings of being totally unecological.  We fly out  on LAN airlines at 11:45am and land in Bariloche at 2 in the afternoon to winds at 30 knots and foreboding looking clouds.

Hertz, you can't possibly be serious!  If we opt to use our credit card's collision insurance, the we have to guarantee the full cost of the car $16,000US on our credit card?!  If we buy your insurance, the deductible is $1,000US and we void our credit card's coverage?  Bad deal all around.
On top of that, the cars are so low end, no auto lock, all stick., and basically a metal box on wheels.

Ray drives very cautiously to avoid dings, crashes or rollovers.  We head to Bariloche, the gateway to the scenic splendors of the northern Lake District and headquarters for the 2M acre Nahuei Huapi National Park.  The wind is so strong the whitecaps on Nahuei Huapi lake, a glacial remnant, are huge.  Most of the town sits within a block of the waterfront with soaring peaks separating Argentina from Chile in the background.  We drive around the west side of the lake to the Peninsula Petit Hotel, which sits at the northern end of the peninsula not far from the famous Lao Lao hotel.  It is a beautiful lodge constructed of huge logs; the big picture window looks out over the lake.  Our room also has a lake view. We drop off our bags and head out to an overlook but the skies are cloudy and visibility is poor, plus it is gusty.  From the overlook, you can see over 3 huge lakes and the Lao Lao Hotel below.

Our hotel is located on a less traveled road and there are few restaurants in the area.  We go to a nearby restaurant where we are the only diners.  We have thin pizza and head back.


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