Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Arches

We had lots to see and many recommended spots to photograph. We started at the northern end, hiking to Landscape Arch for the early morning light. The arch is delicate and wide,and hard to believe that it is through the process of erosion that it has developed. A nearby arch had collapsed not too long ago and it was unknown as to how long this one would remain. Ray and I had a bit of a miscommunication, causing us to lose each other for a bit, making me realize how scary it could be to lose each other in the canyon. We drove throughout the park, hiked to all the sites and ended the day at Delicate Arch. The 3 mile round trip trail starts as a developed path and then runs on top of "slick rock" marked by small piles of rocks or cairns. The last section gave me the heebeejeebees as it was narrow, without railings and steep drops on the left. But.....the last turn on the path comes out over a simply breathtaking sight that made me gasp. The full arch over the canyon, with the snow capped cliffs behind it, glowing red in the late afternoon light. What a sight! There were only 3 of us couples up there, quiet, serene and magnificent. We watched the sun set and the colors dim, and walked the trail back down at dusk, arriving at the parking lot just as the darkness hit. It was a perfect ending to a beautiful visit and wonderful day.

Before driving back to the ranch, we decided that we had had enough of bad food, and purchased a roasted chicken and frozen veggies to microwave in the room. Another early night with plans to see the Canyonlands tomorrow.


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