Saturday, September 12, 2015

German rules must be followed

     Today's lesson is the importance of German order and processes and the domino effect leading to chaos that occurs when a link is broken in the order of procedures. In the wood paneled dining room this morning, various groupings of placesettings are arranged on the 6 tables. Not particularly liking our seats from last night, we fill our plates from the buffet and seat ourselves at a different table where there is a setting for two, in the half empty room. Midway through our meal, the waitress comes over and tells us we must move and sit in our assigned seat from last night. Not seeing any logic to this, we voice our desire to remain.  She is not happy with us but accepts that we are difficult Americans or Chinese and in response, begins to completely rearrange place settings at these two tables, which we don't yet understand the importance of. She proceeds to remove four place settings at our assigned table, bringing dishes and bread baskets to our current table, which now is super crowded! We watch with amusement and curiosity. Soon after, more guests arrive, including the two women who last night were seated where we currently are. They sit at our so called assigned table, which now has only a few settings(?), but then, uh oh, the German couple arrives and also try to sit there. The two women get up and are now standing in the middle of the roon, coffee cups in hand, with nowhere to sit. If they take different place settings at another table, others will not have their seats and there will be mass disorder! We watch horrified and totally amused that we have created chaos in the breakfast room! We quickly gulp the rest of our cofee and duck our heads to slink away before we are spotted! As we make our way down to the shoe room to retrieve our boots, still giggling over German order, we are tempted to rearrange all the boots which sit so neatly in pairs on the wall. The thought of everyone trying to find their boot mates fills us with laughter. 
     Today we hike back out to Cortina. The reverse hike out is mostly downhill and easy, and we count our blessings as the weather couldn't be more perfect. We share the trail with large groups of mountain bikers who fly by at top speed. Our day ends with photography, high up on the hill below the chair lifts of ─ćortina, just as the clouds hit the jagged peaks at sunset. This must be a skiers' paradise. Our last night in Cortina is spent at Ristorante El Zeco, a delicious meal of beet stuffed ravioli, fettucini with freshly picked mushrooms and assorted grilled meats, a delectable fusion of Germanic and Italian cuisine in a simple and charming old building. 


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