Sunday, September 04, 2016

On Foot

We did quite a bit of exploring on foot today, walking around the harbor and up to a viewpoint overlooking the bay and all its islands. Sunday in the harbor is quiet with most of the sailboats, ferries and fishing boats moored. We are enjoying this lazy morning.

Driving a bit along the northern coast of the peninsula, we stopped to admire a triple waterfall, dodging drizzle and spotty blue skies. I walk up to the top of the falls and back again several times... To get a new battery, raining again, raining again... getting lots of exercise. 

At Grundarfjörður, the next town over, we are surprised to see a cruise ship anchored in the bay. I guess this side of the country has been discovered. So that is where all the tour buses are coming from! 

We return to our twilight spot from last night and watch the bay and rivelets in the marshland fill gradually as the tide moves in. The clouds at sunset reflect in the shallow waters and create a rainbow of colors. We stay until dusk, our last evening out in the hinterlands. 

Last night in the campervan. I am going to miss this van. It is a perfect size with all the basic necessities, and gives us the flexibility to go anywhere and stay as long as we please. Having cooking facilities and a place to hang out in bad weather makes traveling in Iceland much easier. The only drawback is the need for 4wd in order to explore the highlands and the inner part of the country. 

Ray is outside looking for green streaks in the dark sky. We see a couple of signs of aurora borealis but the cloud cover is too heavy tonight. I think he was hoping for one more light show before we head into the city. 



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