Saturday, August 27, 2016

Wary of Raindrops

The day starts gray and drizzly and most of the tent campers pack up early. We have a leisurely morning, knowing that there is not much to rush to in this weather. We head back to the park and take the gravel road to Svinafellsjokull. A short walk up to the ridge overlooks the glacial lagoon with twisted icebergs of all sizes. The main glacial walls reflect in the murky but mirror like water. We have a good couple of hours before the raindrops fall. Hiding in the camper, we watch bus loads of tourists get drenched. The rain let's up for a short while and we walk down the path, only to get caught in another downpour. This time we were prepared, fully covered in rain garb. The rain never stops and after a number of hours we give up and leave. We think the glacier creates its own weather. We take a short drive and walk to the side of Hvannadalshnukur, its peak at 2199 meters emerging from the clouds. Back to the campground, charging devices and dinner finishes the day. 

A few interesting observations thus far -there are no public restrooms along the highway and no porta potties at scenic
places in the park. We have seen a few picnic tables along the sides of the road though infrequently. Directional signage is poor however the simplicity is refreshing -no billboards, commercial buildings and signs, no construction vehicles, no factories, strip malls, subdivisions,fast  food, etc

Travel around the country is still fairly rustic with very small and plain guest houses, cabins and campgrounds.  Between Rejkjavik and Hofn, we only saw a couple of small motels. Restaurants are few and far between; around the park, there is only a small cafeteria/ gift shop. The campers here are from all over Europe, mostly young; older people come on buses. We wonder if the increasing influx of tourists is going to change this country. It in many ways would be a shame.

Campground at Svinafell


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