Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Last town

It is departure day and I realize in our rush to find cash, we skipped visiting the town of Corniglia! The apartment owner wants us out by 10am, so we decide to take our luggage and make a short stop. Little did we realize that because the town sits high up on a flat rock, reaching it involves a very long climb. No wonder people give us quizzical looks as we get off the train. Most people are taken to their hotels by car. Unlike the other towns, Corniglia has drivable roads. After walking half a mile uphill, Ray decides he has had enough, and offers to stay with our luggage. I huff and puff my way up hundreds of brick steps over more than a dozen switchbacks. I marvel at the number of tourists who make it to the top, most have no idea what they are getting into! I find a town with many winding alleys and gift shops. The sea view at the top is pretty but I decide my favorite is still Manarola. 
     We leave on the train to Milan, sharing a compartment with 4 hearty women from Washington who spent five days hiking in the Dolomites. We pass the city of Portofino with its villas and yachts. We talk travel and hiking. Sharing tales and tips helps to pass the time. Milan's train station is impressive, 3 floors with stores, and in a huge stone building that feels like an airport. This is our first time in Milan and we are impressed at this modern and clean city. We end our day with a final shared gelato. 


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