Wednesday, September 16, 2015


 The winds have been gusting all night long and the bedrooms feel like a frigid 45-50 degrees. I don't think anyone washed up last night.  The price of breakfast puzzles us- for 7.50 euros you get a basket of bread with jams, and coffee. A la carte we get coffee, eggs and speck for 7 euros, with a basket of bread but no jam. We linger in front of the space heater and listen to the howling wind. Everone is very quiet this morning, most likely contemplating the hike out! I decide against a 20 min walk up the nearby trail to the overlook of m. pez. 
      This place may be beautiful but certainly is not an ideal place to live! I can see why they shut down in October. After breakfast, instead of spending more time in the cold rifugio trying to stay warm, we head out. I have on every piece of clothing I brought, plus socks on my hands, and gingerly make my way down the mountain, trying to keep my balance in the wind; it now starts to drizzle.  Darn, I left the rain poncho in my suitcase thinking today was going to be sunny. I don a black plastic bag, tear holes for my head and arms and pull up my hood over my winter hat. Ray says I look like someone from outer space - no wonder I get odd looks from German women I pass on the trail!  Such an ending to our rifugio experience!


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