Friday, September 25, 2015

Italian mosquitoes!

Our stay at the Hotel Garda in Milan was memorable in a not so nice way. At midnight, we are awakened by mosquitoes buzzing in our ears and bites on our legs. We find the window had been left slightly open and there were no fewer than a dozen mosquitoes in our room. In the morning, the desk clerk told us they must open windows in order to air out the rooms. European windows have no screens and they cannot do anything about the mosquitoes! Chalk it up to the Italian cultural experience. 
     Milan Marepensa airport is very new, voted best in Europe 2015, reachable by express train.  The train runs every 30 min. and the ride is 50 min.  It takes quite a bit of walking to get to the gate and it feels a bit like walking in circles past many designer clothing stores.  
     We reflect on our two weeks- so much beautiful scenery, great food, friendly Italians and many interesting conversations with tourists from all over the US, UK, Australia and Canada. It is hard to believe we have only been away for two weeks! The drought and fires seem to universally be what people know of California today as we were asked about them constantly. I am always reminded of the fact that no matter where people are from, we are all pretty much the same, with a curiosity and eagerness to explore cultures and lands beyond our homes. 
     Arrivederci Italy!


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