Saturday, October 22, 2016

Off to the Eastern Sierras

I'm off on a great adventure into the eastern Sierras with a destination of Ridgecrest for Michael Frye's Starry Skies Workshop on Monday. My drive will take me south and east into Death Valley for some dunes magic. My excitement makes the 8 hour drive seemingly short, with a few quick breaks in between. The temperature as I get further south is quite warm and so it is more pleasant to keep driving than to stop and stand outside! As I make my way through the Central Valley, Trump signs become more and more visible. Google maps takes me off the main highway onto a few country roads, which it has determined is a shorter path. I end up on a backroad into Death Valley through Searles Valley and then onto a section of gravel road that is under construction. I arrive at Stovepipe Wells at 4pm. It is still in the high 80's so I will wait until early morning to photograph. The air is very dry and still, and there is not a lot of tourist traffic. The management is a bit rigid here, I would say. One couple tries to sign up for a sunset tour. This morning at 11m, they were told sign ups are only taken after 4pm. They arrive at 4:15 and are told it is full and there is no way around that. They look so disappointed!


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