Sunday, January 29, 2017

Walking in the Rain

     Snow capped peaks, beautiful lakes and wonderful trails of Mount Aspiring National Park provide a gorgeous setting for Wanaka. We wake to very gusty winds followed by showers and a steady downpour. In true kiwi fashion, we brave the weather, don rainpants, ponchos and boots and hike through the lush forest to the Blue Pools and Cameron Creek. On our drive back, the skies clear and Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea are beautifully colored. This is sheep country and freshly shorn sheep are everywhere. We chuckle to see a long line of sheep trotting quickly, following eachother across the pasture to some unknown destination. 

     We brave the very crowded supermarket, emerging with dinner fixings. It is a fine dinner of grilled lamb, vegetables and potatoes, which impresses us all. Even in the smallest of towns, food is extremely fresh and unadulterated. We find prepared foods to be much less sweet and of higher quality than the US. I find the lamb here to be superb!


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