Monday, January 23, 2017

Back to the Future

     We leave SF close to midnight, cold and wet, bundled in layers, and suitcases packed with rain pants, fleece and thermal undershirts. "The weather is shocking but better next week", a local tells us. Forget the shorts and sandals, summer, apparently is late arriving to New Zealand. We wake up to low fog, flying over a myriad of bright green islands separated by whitecaps. All of our sports gear and boots are inspected and some cleaned upon arrival. Then we wait and wait and wait for our flight to Christchurch, listening to the announcements about the 7kg weight limit, some of us repacking stuff and worrying about whether we will be asked to check items in.
     Christchurch has occasional reminders of the recent earthquakes with road construction and detours, and scaffolding on the older homes and buildings, For the most part, to our pleasant surprise, the city appears to be just fine, clean and tidy, and as lovely as we remembered it to be. Ray drives the rental car with 3 vocal back seat drivers shouting constant reminders, "stay left, focus"! We start our journey with a lamb dinner and stop to watch a fire dance show in front of the all glass art museum. 
     We feel like time travellers as our monday ends, you are just getting ready for bed, planning to start a new work week.


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