Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dog Baffle Conclusion

The toilet paper baffle has been successfully developed. One rainy night last week, with ideas spinning in my head, I spent a good part of an hour with a package of Charmin Big Rolls in my cart, walking the aisles, searching for the perfect container. Having been taught not to waste food, I was determined to find a clear plastic jar that held something we would actually consume in a reasonable amount of time. Cranberry juice came to mine-what do you know-they've changed the round jugs to indented handles-won't work. White vinegar-a bit too big. Folgers coffee-too small. Down to next to best-skippy's peanut butter in a 64 oz can. I don't really like Skippy's and don't eat that much peanut butter, but I could make a bunch of peanut butter cookies, maybe even take them in to work. 8 cups worth-might take awhile but better than a can of hot chocolate mix, which would take a decade to finish. I put it in my basket and took one last look around. Oh my, the perfect jar-Safeway cashew nuts-Ray eats those! Almost giddy, I quickly put the peanut butter back, a bit relieved to get rid of that. I took it home and ready with hacksaw and utility knife, cut the ends off. Oh my gosh, a perfect fit-the toilet paper roll fit perfectly, hahahaha! Installed on the toilet paper holder, it works! Baffles the dog!!


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