Friday, January 26, 2007

Maps on Condoms

The city of New York is attempting to battle a growing problem of AIDS and HIV.
What better way to combat this problem than to distribute free condoms. And to make them attractive for
the regular New Yorker to carry in their pockets, they will print subway maps on them! Is this just too clever, or what?
The logic being, of course, that large numbers of visitors to New York use subways. They can't negotiate the complex subway system without a map, and being too cheap to buy a map, they will gravitate to free ones. Never mind that they are printed on a condom package, after all, it is small, fits easily into a pocket or purse, and can be hidden in the palm of your hand for easy reference! Picture me, a bonafide tourist, on my way to Manhattan, determined to take public transportation over an expensive cab ride. After all, who wants to sit in traffic. The subways are safe, clean and convenient. "Oh darn, I left my map on the kitchen table. I can't remember which subway to take and where to get off." Slightly panicked, I check the station diagram and try to memorize the stops along this line. And then, lo and behold, I spot a bowl of free maps! What a lifesaver! I'll take a couple. As I board the subway, I check my map, nestled in the palm of my hand. Another tourist asks me for directions; I give one to him. It's much better than a regular map, being so compact, no one can tell I am a tourist. I get off at my stop, pocket my map and go about my evening. I now unconsciously am prepared for a night in my hotel room with a beautiful lady or gorgeous young man. It's a stroke of genius, wouldn't you say?


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