Thursday, May 27, 2010

City Walls

Dubrovnik is a place for lounging. There is a lazy, slow feeling in the air that deters any rushing around. We spend the day reading on benches by the harbor, sipping coffee, and people watching on the square. We now have our favorite pizzeria, Oliva, where we sit for hours in the alleyway, and our favorite gelato shop, Dubrovnik Ice Cream, where we watch as the boys throw scoops in the air and catch them on cones.

Jen goes for a swim in the warm Adriatic while we watch on the sandy beach. Toward early evening, we head up to the city wall for a walk around the city. This walk is over a mile and takes up to a couple of hours. The high walls, some 3-4 feet tall were fortified in the 15th century to protect the city from the Ottoman empire. During the recent war, local residents hid inside these walls. There are a series of steep steps take you to viewing platforms higher and higher up. The view is stupendous and you can see the city from all angles. One side looks down over the sea. You can see a dense cover of red clay rooftops, 2/3 of which were rebuilt after the war. Looking down, you can see the wide moat, now gardens, and drawbridges that allow tourists into the city. The building are inhabited by families and laundry billows in the breeze to the sound of music and the aroma of cooking food. We are the last to leave giving us a feeling of being the only ones on the wall.

Dinner tonight is another guidebook choice, Konoba Kamice, with tables in the small square -mussels pasta, fried squid, and fresh salad are winners. We end the day on the balcony talking to a young newlywed couple from Istanbul, the husband tells us that Turkey is even more beautiful with forests and waterfalls. He invites us to visit.


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