Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Leaving Wanaka, the winds are fierce, especially at the lakefront.

We pass the summit 

and then on to an old historic town of Arrowtown where we walk through the main street and stop briefly to shop for knitting wool. Always ambitious to improve my knitting, I purchase yarn to make scarves. 
      Queenstown has grown considerably since our last visit, visible in the traffic jams and density of housing. We visit the Bird Park to see kiwis up close. This facility serves to rehabilitate and conserve birds such as kiwis, keas and other bird species. There are a few kiwis housed inside  with the goal to breed and return them to protected  areas. Kiwis have a lifespan of 50-60 years and are raised for 10 before being released. We see a kiwi under red lights, mimicking night. No photography is allowed. We learn that the kea, who does indeed look naughty, is a very mischievous bird that favors attacking rubber, such as on cars in public spaces!

 Rain has been falling for most of the day and a steady downpour increases as we near Te Anau. Rain is predicted for the next few days unfortunately. Can you believe this continues to be the wettest summer on record?


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