Saturday, November 04, 2006

Eating is Family Time

We ate together tonight, all 12 of us, and it came to me how most of our gatherings take place over food. Is it a Chinese thing? It occurred to me that eating and being together has been a part of my childhood, Ray's childhood, and our family for longer than I had realized. Long time no see-let's meet for dinner. Come over for dinner. Great grades-let's go out and celebrate. Back from school-I'm making your favorite foods. We'll come to campus and take you out to eat. Not doing much-let's go out and try a new Chinese restaurant. Can you believe some of our fondest vacation memories are about food? Those Belgian waffles, that wonderful Italian restaurant in Florence, the mussels in England, the Peking duck in China, the lamb chops in New Zealand....

Harder and harder to get everyone's schedule to match anymore, being together at one big table is such a treasure. We're getting tight for a Chinese table of 10, getting cozier I think and still growing. I look at Ma and Pa and wonder what they must think, the 2 of them grown to 12! It gives me warm fuzzies to see all the kids enjoying eachother's company-it's a dream come true -to have each of them connected by the thread that makes us all family. I look around the table and count my blessings-these special times-isn't this what life is all about?


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