Sunday, March 18, 2007

Up Up and Away

How lovely it is to travel with Ray! Not only is he an amusing companion, he can get us upgraded to First Class! Though domestic first class is certainly not as
cushy as international, it sure beats sitting in between 2 large guys hanging over the armrests onto your lap. Although with free food, It’s hard to stay on a diet-I prepared a lite veggie lunch only to be offered a frittata with potato cakes. My cubed kohlrabi and container of cucumbers, peppers and shredded carrots will have to wait until tomorrow.

It was a smooth flight, clear and beautiful. Kona airport resembles a public park, the departure/arrival lounge is all open air with benches around large containers of tree. They obviously have no issues concerning airport security here.

After getting our rental car, we drove down the Kona coast, not pausing to stop in Kona-Kahulia as it just appeared much to touristy. Checking out the coast, we made several stops along the shore where kayakers were coming in, and watched a beautiful sunset at Honaunau. The orange glow of the sky with the swaying coconut trees in the background was quite a sight. Following our trusty Fodor’s guide we found a very plain family style cafe in the town of Captain Cook serving very fresh mahi mahi and ono, fresh and sweet. Most of the customers were local people, Hawaiians mostly. It was a slice of local Hawaii and quite pleasant and very inexpensive. Our b&b is simply charming. The room has a beautiful lanai and glass sliding doors that look down onto the pool, patio, lush gardens and the ocean in the distance. We are staying in bed and breakfasts this entire trip and booking them over the internet, I could only hope that the customer ratings were accurate. This one was a winner!


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