Friday, April 03, 2009

The Land Down Under

Blue skies, clean air, and very handsome young men. Air New Zealand's service to Auckland is quite a step up from United. Cute young male flight attendants treat you so kindly with big friendly smiles, the food is actually quite good, and they offer an amazing selection of movies on personal screens. We landed before 6am, an hour that rarely finds me up--still dark and cold, but as the morning wore on, the skies were a beautiful blue, the air crisp and clean. Matter of fact, this whole place feels clean and healthful. As I strolled through a small food store, I saw a myriad of muesli, whole grain breads, and nuts/seeds in the snack section. Not much in the way of junk food. People look healthier - slim and fit. The fruits and vegetables taste naturally sweet and fresh, Furthermore, it feels like there is just less waste overall. People eat less, consume less, throw away less, and are in general more frugal; I like it. Definitely much less of a wasteful way of life. We took a ferry ride over to Davenport, and spent time browsing through several small used book store. This is surely an independent used book store lovers' dream-the musty smell of old paper, rickety old shelves with books of every genre lining floor to ceiling, and long, white bearded bespectalcled men manning the counter. We must have walked at least 5-6 miles around the city centre and ended with dinner at Cibos, delicious and fresh grouper over a bed of risotto. Yum!


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