Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hot and humid! Pat at the B&B helps us book a train and skyrail ride up north in Kuranda, the site of the rainforests. At breakfast, we meet a mom and her 2 daughters from Bloomington Indiana. Her daughter is studying in Canberra for the semester. She tells us that her husband died of cancer last year; he had always wanted to travel to NZ and never made it. We chat about the midwest and NZ, where they will be going after Cairns. Breakfast is a choice of eggs and I try the kangaroo sausage, a very lean and meaty sausage that is quite tasty.

We take the train on a narrow gauge rail, going through the dense forest. Our seat mates is a family from Australia; the mother grew up in Milpitas, where she said her mom was afraid they would get beat up, and so they moved away from there. She said Milpitas has changed since then. In Kuranda, it begins to rain. We visit the small zoo where kangaroos, reptiles and koalas live. It is a fun place and we take lots of pictures of the cute animals. It never really clears up and we find ourselves walking through the market stalls and along the muddy river before taking the skyrail back. Rising high above the rainforest is a breathtaking sight with misty clouds floating rapidly across the skies. The tall trees, ferns and palms rise straight up forming a dense canopy below. Humid, humid, humid! We are happy to arrive back at the b&b and are quite ready for showers. The b&b is quite a ways outside of town so we wander down the street to a Thai place for dinner.


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