Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nelson lakes

This morning I rise early and go out with Ray to the river. Our first stop though is orchard down the road where bags of pears and apples are for sale. We choose a small bag of assorted fruit, and a very ripe honeydew melon. The mist is rising above the water and the riffles dazzle like diamonds in the bright dawn sunlight. I am eager to try my new skills and experiment with different shutter speeds on the river. Our next stop is Nelson Lakes, an alpine lake far in the forested wilderness. We take a steep trail that leads quickly high above the lake and the view is stupendous- the rich green agricultural valley sitting between the mountain ranges and the bright emerald lake below. We spend the rest of the day exploring the area's rivers and winding roads. It is unbelievable how much untouched and pastureland there is, with fields of sheep. On some fields there are tall poles with wire strung across the top, which we later find out was for hops, which have just been harvested. The apple trees are all espaliered, some have sheets of netting over the entire orchard. Grapevines are also covered with netting. We are not sure what they are keeping out, since there is not much in NZ that one would consider pests.

Having given up on Motueka's fine dining, we head for the local grocery store and buy Dory fish and vegetables, which I manage to cook in the microwave. Not much is open as we discover they celebrate Easter in a big way with Friday and Monday as holidays. Stores are actually fined if they open!!


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