Friday, April 10, 2009

Abel Tasman

Continental breakfast is provided and we enjoy some fresh homemade whole grain bread. i vow to go home and use my breadmaker for really healthy whole grain bread. Ray fishes early in the morning and then we set out for Abel Tasman National Park, in the far northwest corner of the south island. The easy dirt trail runs above the ocean, turquoise blue water and golden sandy beach coves. We walk under a canopy of tree ferns, palm trees, and dense underbrush, winding along coves. Paths run down to the beaches and we find a beautiful one for lunch. A kayak group is beached on the sand and the waters look inviting,
Our hike is a total of 10 miles and we feel refreshed and fit. It is Easter weekend and not much is open, so Ray fulfills his craving for KFC, after which he decides that was good enough for the next 5 years. I opt for a McDonald's hamburger. Fine dining in Motueka indeed.


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