Friday, May 28, 2010

Local Streets

As we watch from our balcony this beautiful morning, we are surprised to see a cruise ship anchored outside of the harbor. Small boats are ferrying passengers to the dock, over and over again they go. There must be thousands of people! This is definitely not a day to roam the city center, we decide. We make an alternate plan to walk north up the peninsula to the suburbs of Lapad and Boninovo. Part of the road runs above the sea and past a large resort. Then turns inland toward the larger harbor and Yacht Club, where we are surprised to see yet another cruise liner with a parking lot of buses waiting to ferry passengers to the city center. We choose to sit on a bench and watch all this action, and to enjoy the sunshine and scenery of the surrounding hills.

Toward afternoon, we make our way back and are shocked by how the old city has a completely different feel with the masses of tourists and tour groups. The wall looks pretty congested and we are grateful for having had the opportunity to walk it in peace and quiet. We again frequent Oliva for our usual. We sit in the square and watch people. We watch as a young girls's ice cream, dropped on the ground is carried off on the shoes of passing tourists - in less than 5 min., it is totally gone! Wouldn't it be amusing to see how far bits of the strawberry ice cream ends up? One guy is trying to stand on a piece of rock that juts out from the church. It must be in a guidebook, we think, since so many groups stop there and try to stand on it. People walk with their dogs--Europe is certainly dog friendlier than the US. We hear people speaking a myriad of languages - Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese etc. and we try to figure out where they are from before they speak. We escape to our favorite bench on the harbor and watch a group of elderly local gentlemen fishing from the edge with dough balls and bread.

We end the day back at Konoba Komenice and gelato at Dubrovnik Ice Cream. The boys now recognize us as having been there 3 times in the past 2 days. He gives us free cones and asks to have his picture taken with Jen, who he has been eying from the beginning. We leave in a jolly mood and head back up the 384 steps to pack our things, our final evening in Dubrovnik coming to a close.


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