Thursday, April 16, 2009

Departure from the Rainforest

We spent a lazy day in Cairns waiting for out flight to leave at 7pm. I was unsuccessful in getting us on an earlier flight and we had pretty much seen all there was to see here. At breakfast, we met a couple from Ohio whose daughter and son in law were from Durham, NC. Their daughter Julie was a fellow Trip Advisor-Fodorite and we had a lively conversations about traveling. The parents have been to 42 countries; we counted and discovered we have only been to 25! I got Julie's email address and we will share travel info. They had been to Egypt last year and are going to Peru next month. Sharing stories was a lot of fun and the best part of about b&b's. Not much to do, so we walked in the heat and humidity in to town. Pat warned us about the river where there are crocodiles and we were a bit hesitant to go there. She said it is not safe to walk or wade on the beach along the shores as there are jellyfish and box jellyfish can kill you. So we didn't want to go there either! We ended up going to the tiny public library, where it was cool and dry, and safe from predators! What an odd selection of books they have, and a very limited selection consisting of 3 rows of fiction and 3 rows of nonfiction. I was astounded to see that in this sparce collection, they had very few books about the US and one of them was about the killing of Lacy Peterson! Ray and I poured over a thick book on Australia and planned out our visit to Sydney.

We then wandered out to a cafe for aussie meat pies and then back to the b&b to get a cab to the airport. Our flight was uneventful and after picking up a car, we found our airport hotel, and dropped off to sleep.


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