Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heading Out

We returned to the airport on the ‘wonderful’ airport shuttle, packed like sardines in to a van; wouldn’t you know it, the American family in the back seat decided to eat their lunch and the entire bus reeked of olives, garlic, and feta cheese. Tacky!!

Lovely traveling with Ray--we got to go in to the New Zealand Airlines lounge. They sure do it in style--food galore--fresh creamy soup, sandwiches, hot dogs, take out boxes of chinese, thai, indian foods, little desserts... We filled up on so much junk, and we still had our pastries that we bought in anticipation of a long airport wait without food. We were lucky to have bulk head seats with an empty aisle seat and I quickly took possession of it. The United flight was uneventful and an hour shorter than anticipated. We ate our food and theirs, watched parts of movies, and napped. Our arrival was announced and the pilot reported it was 90 degrees in SF. No....couldn’t be. We felt like we had left in the winter and returned in the summer.


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