Friday, April 17, 2009

Blue Mountains

Our Easter special at the hotel comes with a huge breakfast buffet which we enjoy. We decide that we probably should not travel during Easter any more as all the school kids are out and families are everywhere. We can do without the wailing babies on the planes and the huge crowds. Who would have known that they take 2 weeks off during these holidays. We drive out toward the Blue Mts. and stop along the way to see the waterfalls and the sights. At Katoomba, we find the Lureline House B&B, which is simply beautiful. The room is so well appointed and there is a lovely breakfast room in front. This is what a B&B should be and we are so pleased to be here. After settling in, we take a long hike down to Leura Cascades and the Blue Mt. range. Great photo ops here and the scenery is splendid. I have some great photos of the layers of falls and the bubbling creek. We walk until dark and stop for pizza at an small local pizzeria. It is the perfect ending to a great day.


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