Monday, April 20, 2009

Bats and More Bats

So much to see and so little time! We didn’t linger over breakfast - Ray’s pancakes were a tad too dry, so tough you couldn’t cut them with a knife! When in doubt, stick with the standard 2 eggs and bacon. We had big plans for the day, starting by walking through the central part of the historic area toward the Sydney Tower, where a 360 degree view goes from coast to mts. and covers many bays. It was a bit drizzly, leaving raindrops on the windows, but still the view was spectacular. Further into the city, we crossed the footbridge across Darling Harbor. Not far from there was the big Sydney Fishmarket.

Now this was exciting. So much fresh fish and shellfish for sale, and even cooked seafood to go. We couldn’t get enough of the lobster, scallops on a half shell, battered fish, and the best fried squid I have ever had. It is pick what you want, and find a table to eat it. We took so many pictures of fish, it was ridiculous! Reminded me of the meat market in Athens. We practically rolled out of there and walked 5-6 miles back toward the B&B. Passing the cathedral, we ducked inside and were surprised to find that mass was being held, the glorious sounds of the choir and the huge organ echoed up through the tall ceiling, taking my breath away. Can you imagine going to mass every week in a place like this?

By now, the streets were deserted. The rains had also come but were intermittent. At one point, we took shelter under the eaves of a tv studio and watched as 2 anchorwomen were preparing to go on. They seemed to spent a lot of time sitting, fixing their hair and their collars. We talked about going back for more fish possibly tomorrow.


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