Sunday, March 25, 2007

Heavenly Hana

We got our share of exercise today. We each did our morning run-Hana is not flat and so it was quite a work out going up and down the hills, but so heavenly running along the beach with the salty cool wind blowing. The streets have very little traffic and most people are quite friendly. Hawaiians, though, are not tiny people by any means, and the women especially can be big and "mean". It was a lazy Sunday that we spent walking to various beaches and watching the surf. Ray watched with envy as one local boy caught 8 fish from the top of the cliff, reeling them in every 10-15 minutes.
We drove further out of Hana toward the southern end of the island and hiked up to Waimoku Falls, a good 4 hour round trip that took us through a magnificent bamboo forest, past layers of pools, through streams and across bridges high above waterfalls. The bamboo forest stretched for about a half mile, the stems rising 30-50 feet into the air. It was so dense, that the wind made a rattling sound as the bamboo knocked against one another. The trail was muddy and full of tree roots and rocks. I was amazed to see so many people hiking it in flip flops! The end of the trail led to a spectacular waterfall, falling a thousand feet straight down the side of a cliff. It was a hike worth doing! We felt rejuvenated and well exercised! It feels like such a healthy lifestyle-lots of activity, sunshine, clean air, fresh fish and fruit.


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