Friday, March 23, 2007


Early in the morning, we arrived at Kona Airport, only to stand in line for a long, long time. I have to keep reminding myself that Hawaiian time means to relax and forget about being in a hurry. Here, everything is laid back-even the animals-dogs lay in the middle of the road and even cattle lay lazily on the ground! The lobster delivery man had to wait almost 30 min. for his boxes to get checked in; no wonder lobsters are so expensive. Isn't it amazing at how much stuff people take on trips? The people in front of us had so many bags they had to keep counting and counting them, and figuring out among the 4 of them, who was going to carry what. It is a very short and beautiful flight to Maui.

We headed for the bed and breakfast, an old plantation house filled with antiques and set in the middle of fruit trees and tropical plants. She made a mistake on our reservation and only had a room for us tonight. But after driving around Maui, sitting in a long chain of traffic that wound up the west coast, we decided this part of the island has way too many tourists and resorts for our taste. We decided that we would spend another night in Hana instead. We spent the afternoon on the beach, did some snorkeling, had a fabulous fresh mahi mahi sandwich and retired for the evening.


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