Sunday, August 16, 2009

Halfway across the Country

Funny how we psychologically need milestones and markers to help us measure our progress. There is some comfort in seeing the signs that mark each state, as if we can mentally cross them off our list, or in our minds mark the line across the country with the state borders having been crossed.

Jen woke us up early, 7:45am Texas time. The further we travel east, the more behind we get in time. We have been driving until midnight CA time to rise on local time. Unfortunately the coffee at these motels is not worth drinking and the thought of getting back in to the car is not enough incentive for us to get up. Somewhat still groggy, we partake in our free breakfast of muffins, cereal and bananas. I managed to drop my muffin on the ground. Ok, Oklahoma, here we come. I slept through the Texas panhandle and woke up to Welcome to Oklahoma. It is very flat and so green, a warm 88 degrees and humid. We have hit the halfway mark and are looking forward to a bbq dinner in Little Rock, AK. We’ve spent a lot of time looking in my Southern Belly book, yelp, and the internet, checking out the best bbq restaurants. Did you know that there are 2 kinds of bbq sauce? Texas style is the traditional red sauce, but Eastern style is vinegar and mustard based. Our mouths were watering at the thought.

We saw a large wind turbine farm. I suppose the farmer is making so much money off his land from these turbines that he doesn’t need to farm it; sounds like a pretty good deal to me. So far, we have not interacted with any local people besides those that work at McDonalds or the night clerks in the motels, who have been from India. The cities look like any other American city. Though if you live in Oklahoma, you can have your own recognition sign if you are famous. We saw one for the former Miss America 1981 and one for some astronaut we had never heard of.

Our bbq dinner is waiting for us and we are anxious to get to Little Rock--pulled pork, ribs, beans anyone?
The gps has given us perfect directions and we make it there in good time. But oh no, why is it closed? Calling around, we find all of our choices closed. Turns out much of the city’s businesses are closed on sunday evenings. We are so disappointed and the hamburgers do NOT taste good tonight!

We cross in to Memphis and bed down for the night. We have now officially travelled half the distance. We are still speaking to each other and are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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