Monday, March 26, 2007

Winding Down

We spent a lazy morning at the cottage doing not much of anything which felt really good. Why is that so hard to do at home? Late in the morning, we tore ourselves away from Hana to make the winding trip back to civilization, but not before stopping to buy one last tree ripened papaya and some apple bananas. I am in love with these fragrant little bananas bursting with flavor. Back along the "road to Hana" where we encountered quite a bit of traffic going the other way, somewhat treacherous since much of the road and bridges are one lane only. Maui proper was just as crowded with a chain of traffic going toward Lahaina, on the western shore. I have to admit, the beaches are pretty, but you have to be willing to share them with hoards of people. We drove a bit north and spent some time walking around a mall, where to my surprise, we ran right into David Soo and his wife. David also grew up in Urbana and his mom was a good friend of my mom. I wouldn't have recognized him, but apparently he recognized us from our Christmas photos! It is always so amazing to run into people in places like this, what are the chances??

Ray is getting ready for his big fishing expedition tomorrow. We have had our fill of mahi mahi for lunches and dinners but it would be nice for him to actually catch one. The charters here do not give you your catch, providing you with only a filet, or selling the fish back to you. Somehow this just doesn't seem right, does it?

It has been a wonderful trip, full of many new adventures and sights. It appears many people come to Maui and see only the resorts and walk only the streets of gift shops and malls. This is quite a shame as the island has so much more to offer in terms of nature and geology. Every corner of the island has its own distinctive flora, weather and ecosystem. It is a fascinating place to explore.

Tomorrow, we head back home. It will be a long trip since we leave from Maui and have a long layover in Kona, before arriving in LA and then on to SF.


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